Leaving the Church Behind

This guy speaks volumes about why he left the church, and by extension, why church attendance everywhere is declining. The Church cures people with sterilized rituals and bleached messages. Jesus used mud and spit. Can we get a little authenticity here, please?


Last week, a former congregation member emailed me to see how I was doing after closing down the church where I was the pastor for eight years. In the email, he asked me if I had found a new church to attend; and in my reply, I told him that I had not been to church since The Journey closed and probably would not be back to church for a long time. My response triggered concern and curiosity, so he asked if we could meet. We decided to meet at a local brewery to pray, drink some beer, and catch up. As we talked, I found myself struggling to articulate why I’m leaving the church behind.

It’s difficult to find satisfactory answers to provide people who believe that church attendance is an essential element to their faith, whether it’s from a place of desire or obedience. For the longest time…

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