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Response: Should Christians Drink Alcohol?

Here is a good, common-sense take on a sticky topic. When you boil it down, WHY we do things is at least as important as WHAT we do. Do give this a look. It’s pretty good.


A friend from Bethel posted an article on being a Christian and drinking alcohol, you can read it here:

Growing up I rarely saw my parents drinking alcohol, not because they didn’t want to, but because they “shouldn’t”.

If we were out to eat and the adults had a glass of wine, us kids weren’t allowed to take a picture because we couldn’t let anyone see that they were actually drinking alcohol. My parents didn’t get drunk, but it was still a “hush hush” activity.

When I went to Bethel’s Ministry School, I was in church-culture shock. It was a culture of freedom. The only no-no’s they talked to the students about were the three B’s, No Bras Butts and Bellies?… Something like that. That was probably necessary considering Bethel is made up of people from all over the world, with very different cultural acceptable norms.

Instead of giving us…

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