Grace is a precious treasure.

Another great blog about grace!

The Grace Base

When you have a revelation of God’s grace, be careful. It is precious treasure. Guard it with all your heart.

Don’t make the mistake I made, and start arguing online with people who are opposed to the grace message. There are many who still, like the Galatians, desire to mix law with grace and believe they must try to establish their own righteousness.

They are trying to achieve the impossible.

There are many in the church who believe they can overcome sin by their own self efforts.

We can not achieve what Christ has already achieved – on the cross.

Don’t make my mistake and argue with such people, because it is exhausting, and the opposition will do all he can to sow doubt in your mind, to tell you that grace isn’t that good, you’re not saved forever, you can still lose your salvation if you sin.

Be careful.

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