Twelve Panes

12 panes posted this photo on Facebook today with the following instructions: “The first chapter of your newest story starts here at this window. How does it start?” Of course, my mind went to grace. Once you begin seeing grace and ridding yourself of the old law-based mindset, you see grace everywhere and in everything. Even a window. I’ll likely never write a new story beginning with this paragraph, but I do think I could find a place for it in a current work in progress. Here it is:

“Twelve panes,” the pastor reflected, gazing sightlessly at the well-manicured grounds below his window. “Twelve panes make up the whole of the view. How like Jesus’ disciples is this window! Each pane yields a view slightly different from its neighbor. This one speaks of only sky, while its neighbor knows only leaves and grass. And yet each one contributes to the whole in beautiful harmony.” Could it really be that simple?


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