The Father’s Love

One night I had fallen asleep reading in bed. Two of our five dogs were with me. They are the two who adopted me as their own. The other three, mama’s dogs, came to bed with her around midnight, finding me snoring and inspecting my eyelids. They jumped up on the bed, and one of my dogs began growling at the interruption. I gathered her to me and held her closely, expressing my love for her. She was fine after that, even when one of the newcomers began teasing her ears, which she hates.

That’s the way it is with us as Christians. We can be ill and short with one another, but when the Father pours out his love to us, all bickering and arguing cease. We learn to live in harmony with those around us, bolstered by the knowledge that we are loved, come what may. Being surrounded by his love makes all our trials bearable. We can overlook and even celebrate our troubles secure in the certainty of his great and unfailing love. His grace is sufficient in every malady, in every hardship, and in every circumstance. What an honor and privilege to rest in his arms and simply say, “Father!”

He’s always there. Always waiting. Snuggle up in the arms of Abba today!


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